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Whether you are planning a group gathering, trip, or event, Trotter is the perfect solution! No more asking friends and family members for their ETA or if they are on the way. Trotter is there to tell you.

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Trotter is a powerful app that allows you to effortlessly create events, invite individuals or groups, and track everyone’s real-time location. With push notifications and reminders, Trotter keeps all group members informed and up-to-date, ensuring a safe and timely arrival for all. It is an excellent solution for travelers, businesses, corporate events, conference planners, family trips, restaurants, or anyone planning a gathering of two or more people.

How It Works

Trotter uses a global network of GPS map Systems with navigation and internet technologies to provide accurate, up-to-date information on travel progress, route, exact location, and the estimated arrival time. It also suggests the best time to leave to attend an event.

It is easy-to-use, too:

  • Create an event

  • Select a location, time, and date

  • Invite others to join

  • Get push notifications and real-time info

  • Plan away, always knowing where your friends are

App Features


Accurate Real-Time Location

With Trotter, you will have the real-time location of all the group members.


Push Notifications

Get updates about travel progress, ETA, reminders, etc., and make every plan perfect.


Multi-User Tracking

Know where everyone is whenever you plan a gathering.


Privacy and Security

Allow your real time or approximate location to be seen only during your travel sessions.


Geo Fencing

Be notified when a member of your party enters a zone around your event. A quick way to know an arrival is imminent.

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